The Spinefit Team

At Spinefit Osteopathy, we identify patterns of muscle imbalance and related spinal joint restriction, and create a treatment program to address and correct these issues. We combine our hands on therapy with the worlds premier spinal conditioning program to offer our patients a comprehensive, logical, proactive back pain solution.


Wayne Sibson
Registered Osteopath

B.Sc. (Clinical Science), MH Sc. (Osteopathy) Graduate Diploma Spinal Manipulation

Wayne Sibson is a former state president of the Australian osteopathic association and has published research in osteopathic peer reviewed journals. Wayne has undertaken post graduate training in spinal manipulation, flexion distraction therapy, dorn method and various soft tissue therapies. As a fellow long term back pain sufferer, Wayne is driven to investigate and source the best therapies available to achieve longer lasting pain relief for his patients.

Outside of the office, Wayne has had a long term interest in martial arts and has had the pleasure of treating a handful of world champions from the combat arts. For now his sporting days are over due to persistent back and hip issues but this has lead to Wayne having a special interest in the treatment of low back complaints and hip impingement syndromes.